Intent-based networking gets even more interesting when it’s combined with machine learning. The report notes that “intent-based networking is the platform on which machine learning is built.” Here’s an idea for putting that idea in play. Currently we reserve a fixed portion of WAN bandwidth for video, maybe 25%, to make sure we can deliver a good user experience even if demand surges unexpectedly. How much more cushion will we need when 4K video becomes the norm? To find out we could fire up a test scenario in the lab, using machine learning to discover the optimum percentage.

Another driver for intent-based networking is speeding up provisioning in new branches (or stores or doctors’ offices) so they can open sooner. Using Plug and Play, part of Cisco DNA Center, we provision and configure switches in minutes. The person at the branch can connect the switch and walk away, because the switch automatically retrieves the correct configuration file based on its model and serial number. For more, read this case study.

Sources: CISCO Blog

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